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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Drug Rehab Treatment

Drug Rehab Treatment

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Drug Rehab Treatment Healing
By Dee Cohen

Drug Treatment Recovery Healing
My friend Susan was going on vacation for a month and asked me to substitute for her at the local drug rehab center at her Wednesday yoga and meditation class.

It truly was an experience I'll never forget as I watched people's bodies and minds relax. I was struck by the strong determination that was applied towards learning the different forms of breathing as well as various meditations. I think the residents found it helpful to see they could channel the same drive they had used to locate drugs to their own healing.

It's always good to use try and direct the natural tendencies you have for a higher purpose. For instance, an "addictive" personality can redirect this to areas such as meditation, exercise or writing a journal. This I have found is much better than fighting with oneself and trying to "stop" one's tendencies. This is one's passion and it should be used for one's evolution.

If you are taking yoga please keep in mind it's not about competing with others but in "stretching " yourself inwardly further than you thought you could go. If you can be patient when you hold a posture , that quality will also carry into daily life as well.

You also will develop tools you can use for stressful situations such as deep breathing, visualizations of your true potential and inner joy. Even if you only feel good for an hour after doing some yoga or meditation , it is a center that grows and you can remember it when you become agitated around other residents or towards your parents.

Robin , a 20 year old, fighting prescription drug addiction said to me that she just wanted to ease the pain but realized that pain is a feeling she could watch. It really was wonderful to see the ability to watch one's mind that the residents developed with a little practice. In the east they refer to the mind as a drunken monkey- not just wandering from thought to thought, but a drunken monkey stung by a scorpion. Sometimes it seems so restless and jumpy , plus out of control. Take a few moments to watch it and discover some true jewels.

Dee Cohen is a licensed social worker and certified yoga teacher in Florida. Visit for more healing tips: http://www.wakinguphealth.com/rehabpage.html
Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Dee_Cohen

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